STIFF-FLOP: 1 of 5 Cool Robots funded by the EU

Prior to the festival, Robot Safari received excellent coverage in Design Week, the Daily Telegraph and Mail Online. It also received a prominent half-page listing in Time Out London.

As the festival opened, further coverage appeared, including in, Gizmag and Popular Science. The BBC published a video online with footage from the festival and interviews with Nicola Burghall (Robot Safari’s content developer) and a number of the scientists. The Daily Mail published another article on Robot Safari and the U-CAT robot.

Robot Safari continued to generate excellent coverage over the weekend including coverage on the BBC World Service Weekend programme In the Balance  plus coverage on Sky News, Channel 4 and Brazilian TV . In addition, there was a full page article on the festival on the E&T Magazine website.

The festival also generated a huge interest on social media. On Twitter, 719 tweets were sent using #RobotSafari, with many more tweets sent that did not include the hashtag. Over 400 people contributed to these tweets, with the most influential tweeters including @AboutLondon (25,000 followers), @KidsinMuseums (15,000) and @TheIET (15,000). Media coverage was also shared on twitter, including from Telegraph Science (25,000) Buzzfeed UK (28,000) and Design Week (113,000). The combined potential reach of these tweets (that is the number of people who could have seen a tweet mentioning #RobotSafari) was 19.1 million. The Science Museum sent 60 tweets about the festival, with this tweet featuring the Cheetah Cub the most popular.






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