Sakina Girnary

Sakina GirnarySakina Girnary
BSc (2015)





Sakina Girnary is an undergraduate studying at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She is majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a focus in materials science, sensors, instrumentation and micro/nano-technology. In 2014, Sakina obtained an internship at King’s College London in Professor Kaspar Althoefer’s lab where she worked as a student researcher for the summer.

Description of Research

Sakina worked towards implementing new and improved ideas on a lengthening mechanism for a soft-robot manipulator. The goal of developing a soft manipulator that can extend is to improve access during minimal invasive surgery, especially in procedures such as a total mesorectal excision where a rigid robot is unable to manipulate through tissue and bone that obstructs the site of surgery. Sakina used SolidWorks to model a variety of different structures for the robot chambers in which she tested the effects of applying hydrostatic pressure. Her research focuses on coming up with an optimal design for a chamber that can elongate whilst preventing radial expansion (ballooning effect).