Xinsheng Zhang

ZhangXinsheng Zhang, BEng
PhD Student




Xinsheng Zhang is a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Jian S. Dai. He is focused on screw algebra and screw system theory and metamorphic robotic hand which involves geometric theory in mechanisms and robotics, overconstrained mechanisms, and metamorphic mechanisms.

Xinsheng Zhang received his bachelor degree at Tianjin University, Tianjin, China in Mechanical Engineering. He also received his double bachelor degree at Tianjin University in Engineering Management.

Description of Research

  • Explore the linear dependence of screw systems based on screw space theory and employ it in predicting the mobility of overconstrained mechanisms.
  • Design and construct a metamorphic robotic hand as a member of a research group supervised by Professor Jian S. Dai. This robotic hand integrates a five-bar spherical mechanism as its foldable palm and is driven by cables.

Research Interests

  • Screw algebra and screw system theory
  • Robotic hand with foldable palm
  • Geometric properties of screws