Wellcome Trust

A computer-guided imaging system for prenatal screening and comprehensive diagnosis of fetal abnormalities

Amount: £9,989,585 for KCL
Duration: 2014 – 2021
Investigators: Prof. Reza Razavi (Lead), Prof. Jo Hajnal (Lead), Dr Paul Aljabar, Prof. Kaspar Althoefer, Dr Robert Eckersely, Dr Dharmintra Pasupathy, Dr Graeme Penney, Dr Kawal Rhode, Prof. Mary Rutherford, Prof. Tobias Schaeffter, Dr John Simpson

King’s College London Medical Engineering Centre (MEC)

Amount: £10.9m for KCL
Duration: 2009 – 2016
Investigators: Prof. Reza Razavi (Lead), Prof. Tobias Schaeffter, Prof. Althoefer, et al.