IROS 2015 Safety for HRI in Industrial Settings Workshop

to be held at the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Hamburg, Germany, 28 Sept – 3 Oct 2015

This workshop is supported by the euRobotics Topic Group – Industrial Robotics.


We would like to invite to contribute to this workshop.


This workshop aims to bring together experts active in the field of human-robot interaction with particular emphasis on safety. The sector experiences a paradigm shift from the traditional heavy-duty robot operating separated from the human worker in a fenced area to robots that work close to the human, adapting to the movements of the human and possibly even interacting with them. The workshop will explore the potential, opportunities and risks of robots operating in a modern factory environment where human-robot interaction is used as a means to pave the path for accelerated manufacturing whilst reducing costs. The workshop is open to contributions that provide a review of currently-available technology for the creation of human-friendly and human-safe robots for the manufacturing sector, with emphasis on emerging safety-relevant techniques such as compliant actuators, stiffness controllability, human motion tracking, human-robot interaction sensing, workspace monitoring, safety critical task planning, safety configuration interface, safety configuration software tools, safety critical reflex control, novel control architectures/protocols for human-robot shared workspaces. The workshop will explore these new technologies in the context of current safety standards and regulations and will attempt to establish guidelines for
improved safety for areas where humans collaborate with robots.

The workshop will look at the advantages of these new robotic concepts and the challenges that lie ahead to create functional and safe robot systems that can be employed in the factory of the future.

Round table discussions will focus on obstacles and challenges and the future direction of safe human-robot interaction in a factory environment. The workshop will also act as a platform for wider discussions and encourage multidisciplinary collaboration between researchers, factory workflow planners, robot system designers, policy makers and standards institutes.

Topics of interest

  • How safe are today’s robots to allow human-robot interaction in shared workspaces?
  • Are existing safety standards applicable for the use of robots intended for close collaboration with humans? What extensions are required?
  • What are the best technologies currently available to achieve safe robots?
  • The importance of Standards (including the new TS15066 (due out in Dec 2015)) for the development of safe robots
  • Controllability, stability, force/torque transmission
  • Human perspective (including trust towards and acceptance of robotic systems)
  • Future direction of development in safe robots for industry
  • Safety in the context of real industrial scenarios (Use cases will be presented)

Invited Speakers (confirmed):

  1. Thomas Pilz, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, Germany; Member of the ISO committee
  2. Sami Haddadin – Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany
  3. Alessandro De Luca, Sapienza Universitadi Roma, Rome, Italy
  4. Jose de Gea Fernandez, DFKI, Robotics Innovation Center, Germany
  5. Jose Saenz, Fraunhofer IFF, Germany
  6. Inaki Maurtua, Tekniker, Spain
  7. Federico Vicentini, CNR-ITIA, Italy; Representative of ITIA for the ISO TC184 / SC2 / WG3 Industrial Robots
  8. Kaspar Althoefer – King’s College London, UK

Organizing Committee

Althoefer,Kaspar smallProf. Kaspar Althoefer
King’s College London, UK



Dr. Inaki MauDr. Inaki Maurtuartua
Tekniker, Spain



Dr.-Ing. José de Gea Fernándezjode02
DFKI GmbH, Germany



Hongbin Liu small

Dr. Hongbin Liu
King’s College London, UK




Dr Helge A Wurdemann
King’s College London, UK

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