Vamsi Chunduru

Vamsi ChunduruVamsi Chunduru

Bachelors of Computer Science, Bachelors of Computer Engineering, Minor in Robotics
Undergraduate Engineering Student




Vamsi Chunduru is an undergraduate in computer science and computer engineering at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, USA. He has worked on projects involving ECG data analysis, robotic arm control, sports performance classification, and portable medical device development.

At King’s, he has been involved in the Human Palpation Control project under Jelizaveta Konstantinova and Dr. Thrish Nanayakkara. His focus is to develop a robot control system that imitates human palpation techniques.

Description of Research

In medical procedures, tissue palpation is very useful in identifying (cancerous) nodes. However, in minimally-invasive-surgery it is harder to achieve due to the lack of direct contact between the surgeon and the tissue being operated on. In collaboration with Konstantinova, he is developing a model-predictive control system that implements the trends observed from human palpation trials and imitates human behavior.

Research Interests

  • Medical Robotics
  • Bio-inspired Robotics
  • Computer-Integrated-Surgery
  • Autonomous Control
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Model-predictive control
  • Mechatronics