Service Robots – Flexible Helpers in Professional Use at CoRe

Service robotics in Europe is on the rise. The market entrance of Google, the establishment of the “Robo-Stox” index in 2013, special reports in magazines such as “The Economist” or “Der Spiegel” show it: service robotics is on the threshold of entering a new maturity level. Service robotics conquers new, commercial fields of application and…

Impressions of the SCHUNK Expert Days 2014: Robots with Impact

In collaboration with SCHUNK, STIFF-FLOP showed a demonstration of their current state-of-the-art during the Expert Days 2014 in Hausen. This event is the world’s leading symposium for applied service robotics attended by more than 100 experts from all over the world, 18 international top-class speakers and 17 representatives of the international trade press this year.

STIFF-FLOP Newsletter out now!

The STIFF-FLOP consortium has now published their end-of-year newsletter which is available here. It contains the latest news items about: recent progress and achievements of the project; RoNeX – the commercialised integration platform hardware; first safety and benchmarking tests; a list of peer-reviewed papers and invited keynote speeches; STIFF-FLOP exhibitions; Advisory groups.

STIFF-FLOP: 1 of 5 Cool Robots funded by the EU

Prior to the festival, Robot Safari received excellent coverage in Design Week, the Daily Telegraph and Mail Online. It also received a prominent half-page listing in Time Out London. As the festival opened, further coverage appeared, including in, Gizmag and Popular Science. The BBC published a video online with footage from the festival and…

Rich Walker (Shadow) on SPIEGEL TV

Rich Walker (Shadow Robot Company) has been working with the Centre for Robotics Research (CoRe) in many projects (e.g. HANDLE, STIFF-FLOP). He was interviewed by the German news magazine SPIEGEL TV on the Shadow Hand.

What use is a robot octopus? OCTOPUS meets STIFF-FLOP

Cecilia Laschi and Matteo Cianchetti from SSSA demonstrated how the OCTOPUS robot works and explained how it could one day be used for tasks such as repairing underwater structures like oil pipelines and ships’ hulls to performing search-and-rescue operations – venturing into places too dangerous for humans! The event was held at the Science Museum…