Prof. Jian Dai first in UK to receive ASME Award

In August of this year, Professor Jian Dai of the Department of Informatics at the Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, was awarded the “Mechanisms and Robotics Award” at the 39th ASME Mechanisms & Robotics Conference held in Boston, USA. The award was given for lifelong contributions to mechanisms and robotics by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). In the past 41 years, since the award was established in 1974, only 26 leaders in the field of mechanisms and robotics have received this prestigious award. Jian Dai is the 27th winner and the first person from UK who has won.

The citation given by the ASME Mechanisms and Robotics award committee states: “Professor Dai has made a lasting impact on reconfigurable mechanisms through his contributions to theoretical study, mechanisms innovation, applications and societal services and by exploring the screw system relationship and screw theory for revealing kinematics and constraint variation that affect mechanisms reconfigurability and for establishing a way of mobility analysis.”

Mechanisms and Robotics Award

* 2015: Jian S. Dai
* 2014: Gregory S. Chirikjian
* 2013: Steven Dubowsky
* 2012: Vijay Kumar (roboticist)
* 2011: J. Michael McCarthy
* 2009: Larry L. Howell
* 2008: C. Gosselin
* 2007: C. W. Wampler, II
* 2006: K. Kazerounian
* 2005: J. K. Davidson
* 2004: J. J. Uicker, Jr.
* 2002: K.C. Gupta
* 2000: J. Angeles
* 1998: A. Midha
* 1996: A. T. Yang
* 1994: A. Soni
* 1992: J. Duffy
* 1990: K. J. Waldron
* 1988: A. G. Erdman
* 1986: K. H. Hunt
* 1984: G. G. Lowen
* 1982: B. Roth
* 1980: G. N. Sandor
* 1978: F. Freudenstein
* 1976: F. R. E. Crossley
* 1974: A. S. Hall, Jr., R. S. Hartenberg, and J. E. Shigley