Robotics Open Day 2016- Saturday June 25th

The Centre for Robotics Research (CORE) at King’s College is demonstrating the latest research that deals with a broad range of exciting topics. We will show how we see the future, and how robots can change our lives. You will see: soft robots that are created taking inspiration from the natural world and wildlife; wearable…

East London Science School visit CoRe labs

We were very excited to show how we do robotics experiments and how we make simple robots to students from the East London Science School. Hope their determination to lead scientific careers further solidified. It was very encouraging to see the depth of their questions. One child asked – “how do you get ideas to…

Translocations – Perspectives on dance

How does a piece of contemporary dance fare under the lens of a neuroscientist? Will its poetics inspire a professor of robotics? Shobana Jeyasingh presented one of her works, Bruise Blood, to six academics chosen for their professional interest in the human body and asked them to comment on it from their specialist perspective. These personal,…

Impressions of the SCHUNK Expert Days 2014: Robots with Impact

In collaboration with SCHUNK, STIFF-FLOP showed a demonstration of their current state-of-the-art during the Expert Days 2014 in Hausen. This event is the world’s leading symposium for applied service robotics attended by more than 100 experts from all over the world, 18 international top-class speakers and 17 representatives of the international trade press this year.

STIFF-FLOP Newsletter out now!

The STIFF-FLOP consortium has now published their end-of-year newsletter which is available here. It contains the latest news items about: recent progress and achievements of the project; RoNeX – the commercialised integration platform hardware; first safety and benchmarking tests; a list of peer-reviewed papers and invited keynote speeches; STIFF-FLOP exhibitions; Advisory groups.