Newly released KCL Metamorphic Robot Hand (Metahand 3)

The Mechanisms and Kinematics Group led by Prof Jian Dai has been continuously working on the metamorphic robot hand since its invention in 2004. With the principle of metamorphosis, the novel design of the multifingered robot hand brought in an articulated palm which changes the traditional structure of robot hands with a rigid palm. The articulated palm allows the thumb base to have a full-cycle rotation about the spherical centre of the palm thus enables alterations of operation planes of the thumb. This further leads to increase of capabilities of replicating the dexterous manipulation of a human hand.

A new generation of the metamorphic robot hand with three fingers has been successfully developed by fully exploring the intrinsic properties of the articulated palm. The innovative design of the tendon path for underactuacted fingers mounted on moving couplers of the articulated palm decouples finger motions from the palm motion. This light-weight metamorphic hand has a compact forearm equipped with only five motors and six compliant modules which are able to accommodate an overload on the tendons in both active and passive modes.

This light-weight metamorphic hand is going to be integrated with a 5 DOF robot arm to form a dexterous manipulator and to engage with multiple users in a dynamic collaborative task.

For details, please visit:Multifingered Robotic Hand Lab