Feeding Robot supported by King’s CoRe

Last Supper is a durational and interactive performance piece in which the artist wears a costume made of recycled machinery, such as, computers/printers as well as cooking utensils (an electric knife, ladle and spoon). anti-cool made the costume called “The Feeding Robot” using applied robotics technology. This allowed it to become interactive and controlled by the audience. The audience is invited to select different, specific local foods on the table, set it on the spoon or ladle, then the robot forcibly brings the food to her mouth. At this point she has no choice but to eat the food whether she wants to or not. The artist keeps eating as long as the food is served.

This Feeding Robot was originally made in 2009 – 2010 during the participation in robotics workshop guided by Paul Granjon. This time, to get the robot ready for the one-to-one performance, she received a huge support by Ali Shafti under the supervision of Dr. Helge Wurdemann and Prof. Kaspar Althoefer from the Centre for Robotics Research at King’s College London.


Date: Friday 31st October and Saturday 1st November 2014

Time: 1.00PM – 3.00PM
Venue: Ipswich Art School Gallery, 1 Upper High Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3QH
One-to-one performance

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