Film Premiere Panel Discussion with Prof. Althoefer – THE MACHINE: 19 March 8.30pm @ VUE Piccadilly

Prof. Kaspar Althoefer (Head of the Centre for Robotics Robotics Research) will take part on a panel discussion for the film premiere of Award-winning British Sci-Fi film THE MACHINE on 19 March 2014 at VUE Piccadilly cinema in central London (screening starts at 8.30pm and Q&A starts 10pm) which will discuss the future of robotics inspired by the film.
New Scientist will be chairing and there will also have a live Skype linkup with Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro with his Geminoid robot.
The panel will cover areas such as whether we should give a robot a gun. Looking at the autonomous landing of a US aircraft in high winds – this opens up a discussion on the general barrier to war. If robots/machines will make it easier for countries to go to war, this of course increases the probability that we will go to war if humans are not physically involved.

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