Research Interests

My research interests currently revolve around aspects related to Artificial Intelligence, especially in all aspects of the formalisation of common-sense reasoning. These include belief revision, abduction, argumentation theory, machine learning, probabilistic reasoning and non-monotonic reasoning in general.

I work both with the theoretical aspects AI, e.g., foundations of AI, translations between logical systems, belief revision in non-classical logics, merging of argumentation systems, as well as with the application of AI in computer science, including optmisation techniques for requirements engineering, implementation of non-monotonic reasoning systems, BDI systems, concept classification, computation of semantics of argumentation systems, and the like.

The main areas of research interest are summarised below:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Knowledge representation
  • Numerical methods of reasoning
  • Agent systems
  • BDI reasoning
  • Optimisation, searching, etc

Formalisation of the common-sense reasoning

  • Non-monotonic reasoning
  • Belief revision
  • Database updates
  • Argumentation theory
  • Voting problems and preference aggregation
  • Abduction

Editorial Activities

Programme Committee Membership

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