Reader in Computational Neuroscience and Visual Cognition
Department of Informatics
King's College London
University of London


Research Interests

Neural Networks

deep learning; biologically-inspired neural networks; adversarial robustness; generalisation; representation learning; dynamic and deformable neural networks

Computational Neuroscience

predictive coding; neural information processing and coding; dendritic computation; cortical feedback connections; cortical region interactions

Computer Vision

object recognition; viewpoint invariance; image segmentation; object detection; tracking; anomaly detection; open-set recognition

Visual Cognition

visual attention; biased competition; top-down and contextual influences; visual salience; perceptual inference

Machine Learning

sparse coding; continuous learning; few-shot learning; unsupervised and self-supervised learning; competitive learning; classification; clustering; contrastive and deep-metric learning

Learning and Development

cortical, behavioural and cognitive development; perceptual learning; perceptual and conceptual development; epigenetic and developmental robotics

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