Accepted papers

Invited Speakers

  • Richard Susskind: A Manifesto for Artificial Intelligence in the Law
  • Karen Yeung

Full Papers

  • AI-supported decision-making under the General Data Protection Regulation
    Maja Brkan
  • A low-cost, high-coverage Legal Named Entity Recognizer, Classifier and Linker
    Cristian Cardellino, Milagro Teruel, Laura Alonso Alemany, Serena Villata
  • Extracting Contract Elements
    Ilias Chalkidis, Ion Androutsopoulos, Achilleas Michos
  • Scenario Analytics: Analyzing Jury Verdicts to Evaluate Legal Case Outcomes
    Jack G. Conrad, Khalid Al-Kofahi
  • Changes to temporary norms
    Matteo Cristani, Francesco Olivieri, Antonino Rotolo
  • The opportunity prior: A simple and practical solution to the prior probability problem for legal cases
    Norman Elliott Fenton, David Lagnado, Christian Dahlman, Martin Neil
  • CLIEL: Context-Based Information Extraction from Commercial Law Documents
    Matias Fernando Garcia-Constantino, Katie Atkinson, Danushka Bollegala, Karl Chapman, Frans Coenen, Claire Roberts, Katy Robson
  • Predicting Trade Secret Case Outcomes using Argument Schemes and Learned Quantitative Value Effect Tradeoffs
    Matthias Grabmair
  • Interpreting Contracts Using English Common Law Rules as stated by Lord Hoffmann
    John Henderson, Trevor Bench-Capon
  • Reasoning with Dimensions and Magnitudes
    John Horty
  • Towards a Legal Definition of Machine Intelligence: The Argument for Artificial Personhood in the age of Deep Learning
    Argyro Karanasiou, Dimitris Pinotsis
  • A logical architecture for dynamic legal interpretation
    Juliano Maranhao
  • Compliance patterns: harnessing value modeling and legal interpretation to manage regulatory conversations
    Robert Muthuri, Guido Boella, Joris Hulstijn, Sara Capecchi, Llio Humphreys
  • A Unifying Similarity Measure for Automated Identification of National Implementations of European Union Directives
    Rohan Nanda, Luigi Di Caro, Guido Boella, Hristo Konstantinov, Tenyo Tyankov, Daniel Traykov, Hristo Hristov, Francesco Costamagna, Llio Humphreys, Livio Robaldo, Michele Romano
  • Classifying Sentential Modality in Legal Language: A Use Case in Financial Regulations, Acts and Directives
    James O' Neill, Paul Buitelaar, Cecile Robin, Leona O' Brien
  • Pragmatic oddicity from an input/output perspective
    Xavier Parent, Leon van der Torre
  • Methods for Retrieving Alternative Contract Language Using a Prototype
    Silviu Pitis
  • Experimenting Word Embeddings in Assisting Legal Review
    Ngoc Phuoc An Vo, Caroline Privault, Fabien Guillot
  • Combining Fuzzy Logic and Formal Argumentation for Legal Interpretation
    Antonino Rotolo, Celia Da Costa Pereira, Beishui Liao, Alessandra Malerba, Andrea Tettamanzi, Leendert van der Torre
  • A Sequence Approach to Case Outcome Detection
    Tom Vacek, Frank Schilder
  • Formalizing Arguments, Rules and Cases
    Bart Verheij
  • Semantic Types for Computational Legal Reasoning: Propositional Connectives and Sentence Roles in the Veterans’ Claims Dataset
    Vern R. Walker, Ji Hae Han, Xiang Ni, Kaneyasu Yoseda

Short Papers

  • Towards an automated production of legal texts using recurrent neural networks
    Wolfgang Alschner, Dmitriy Skougarevskiy
  • Early Predictability of Asylum Court Decisions
    Matt Dunn, Hale Sirin, Levent Sagun, Daniel Chen
  • Can Machine Learning Help Predict the Outcome of Asylum Adjudications?
    Jess Eagel, Daniel Chen
  • A Knowledge Organization System for e-Participation in Law-Making
    Enrico Francesconi
  • Effectivenss Results for Popular e-Discovery Algorithms
    David Grossman, Ophir Frieder, Roman Yurchak
  • Measuring complexity of legislation. A systems engineering approach
    Andres Kütt
  • On Making Autonomous Vehicles Respect Traffic Law: a Case Study for Dutch Law
    Henry Prakken
  • Supertagging for Domain Adaptation: An Approach with Law Texts
    Kyoko Sugisaki
  • The Genealogy of Ideology: Predicting Agreement andPersuasive Memes in the U.S. Courts of Appeals
    Shivam Verma, Adithya Parthasarathy, Daniel Chen
  • Predicting litigation likelihood and time to litigation for patents
    Papis Wongchaisuwat, Diego Klabjan, John Oldham McGinnis

Demo Papers

  • Angelic Environment: Support for the Construction of Legal KBS
    Latifa Al-Abdulkarim, Katie Atkinson, Sam Atkinson, Trevor Bench-Capon
  • A scalable approach to legal question answering
    Zachary Bennett, Tony Russell-Rose
  • LexrideLaw Legal Search Engine
    Matthew Gifford

COLIEE Winner Papers

  • Legal Content Fusion for Legal Information Retrieval
    Seongwan Heo, Kihyun Hong, Young-Yik Rhim
  • Two-step Cascaded Textual Entailment for Legal Bar Exam Question Answering
    Mi-Young Kim, Randy Goebel