Introduction of AI Planning

 Video (Part 1, by Amanda Coles)

 Video (Part 2, by Andrew Coles)

Temporal Planning: Ten Years of PDDL 2.1


This project explores how to represent and model planning problems.

The Liner Shipping Fleet Repositioning Problem - a Modelling Case Study


Andrew Coles describes the modelling of the Liner Shipping Fleet Repositioning problem, in PDDL. The tutorial was recorded at EASSS 2013.

The ICAPS 2012 paper on the use of planning for solving the LSFRP is found here, and a technical report, discussing the PDDL modelling of the problem in greater depth, is found here.

Planning in Hybrid Domains

Derek Long, Maria Fox and Daniele Magazzeni give a tutorial on planning in hybrid domains, looking at the representation of problems, and techniques for solving them.

 Video (Part 1, by Derek Long)

 Video (Part 2, by Maria Fox)

 Video (Part 3, by Daniele Magazzeni)

 Video (Part 4, by Derek Long)

Lecture on LPRPG


This 1 hour video lecture describes the workings of the planner LPRPG. The source code for LPRPG can be found on the LPRPG page. For full details of LPRPG see the paper:

A Hybrid Relaxed Planning Graph-LP Heuristic for Numeric Planning Domains

A. I. Coles, M. Fox, D. Long, and A. J. Smith. Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS-08). September 2008