Maximising Efficiency of Resource Usage Under Uncertainty in AI Planning (A. J. Coles)

Fuel guage, from Post-Doctoral Fellowship EP/H029001/1,2 (£203,745)

This project is concerned with making the most of available resources given limited availability and uncertainty about consumption.  The project considers planning problems with 'preferences': soft constraints that are desirable in a solution, but not essential.  These preferences are each weighted according to their importance; the task is then to find the best quality plan according to the relative importance of preferences, whilst also achieving any hard constraints.  Later work in the project considers solving these problems in the presence of uncertainty about how much resource each activity will consume.  This introduces a challenging trade-off between adherence to safety constraints giving certainty in plan completion, and making the maximum use of resources in order to achieve the best possible combination of preferences.


Using Meta-Level Search for Efficient Optimal Planning (Fox, Long)

EPSRC Project EP/F022883/1 (£324,412)


Evolving and Generalising Very High Quality Control Knowledge for AI Planning (Levine, Fox, Long)

EPSRC Project EP/D062764/1 (£399,105)


A Modelling Language and Development Tools for Temporal Planning (Long, Fox)

EPSRC Project GR/R89325/01 (£217,157)


Using Automatically Inferred State Invariants in Planning (Fox, Long)

EPSRC Project GR/M54087/01 (£133,037)


Automated Modelling and Reformulation in Planning (M. Fox, D. Long, T. Illes, A. J. Coles)

Gears, from Project EP/G023360/1 (£335,650)

This project explores how to represent and model planning problems.


Planning in Mixed Discrete-Continuous Domains (Fox, Bell, Long, McArthur)

EPSRC Project EP/D062721/1490,025)


Symmetry-Breaking in Planning (Long, Fox)

EPSRC Project GR/S11015/01 (£153,494)


PLANFORM: An Open Environment for Building Planners (Fox, Long)

EPSRC Project GR/M70568/01 (£95,273)