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  • M. D'Agostino, C. Larese and S. Modgil. Towards Depth-Bounded Natural Deduction for Classical First-Order Logic. In: fCoLoG Journal of Logics and their Applica-tions,8(2), 423-451, 2021.

  • M. D'Agostino, D. Gabbay and S.Modgil Normality, non-contamination and logical depth in classical natural deduction. In: Studia Logica, DOI, February, 2019.

    Refereed conference and Workshop papers

  • Modgil S. Rule Based Computation of updates to Terminologies. In Proceedings of the 2003 InternationalWorkshop on Description Logics - DL'03, Rome, Italy, pp. 19-27, September, 2003.

  • Modgil S. Linking Rules to Terminologies and Applications in Medical Planning. In: Proc. 9th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine in Europe, AIME2003, Protaras Cyprus, (eds. Dojat, Keravnou, Barahona), LNAI 2780, pp. 214- 218, October 2003.


  • Modgil S. A Labelled System for Practical Reasoning. Thesis submitted for doctorate of philosophy in Computing Science. Supervisors: Professor D. Gabbay and Dr. K. Broda

  • Modgil S. Transaction Management in a Deductive Database. Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the M.Sc. in Computing Science. Supervisor: Dr. F. Sadri.