Workshop on String Theory, Particle Physics and Cosmology

The workshop will take place at the GGI, Florence, October 26-30, 2015. The goal of this workshop is to address recent developments in accommodating both particle physics and cosmology constraints, and consolidating prospects for predictions, and to foster dialog between theory and data. Invited speakers and participants will include on the one hand expert phenomenologists familiar with current and near-future experiments (ranging from colliders to satellite experiments), and on the other hand theorists, both model builders and more formal string theorists.

Topics and Speakers include:


Paolo Creminelli (ICTP)
Raphael Flauger (Carnegie Mellon)
Liam McAllister (Cornell)
Hiranya Peiris (UCL)

Particle Physics:

Steve Abel (Durham)
Matt Reece (Harvard)
Giovanni Villadoro (ICTP)

String Phenomenology:

Jim Halverson (KITP)
Fernando Quevedo (Cambridge/ICTP)
Roberto Valandro (ICTP)
Irene Valenzuela (Madrid)
Timo Weigand (Heidelberg)