Policy Documents

16/05/2024FinalConsultation on the OfS’s proposed regulatory advice and other matters relating to freedom of speech
05/03/2024FinalLondon Principles for Academic Freedom
04/03/2024FinalConsultation on the OfS’s new free speech complaint scheme
22/11/2023FinalConsultation Response: Assessment of people, culture and environment in REF 2028

Policy Development

LUCAF develops recommendations relating to academic freedom and respond to relevant consultations.

If you wish to be involved in this work, please inform us of your areas of interest when you register. You can update this information at any time by logging into our website, so if you have already registered and want to get involved further, please log in and update this information.

We will use this information to identify members who can contribute to the initial development of our recommendations and consultation responses. Once drafts have been developed and approved by the LUCAF founder members, we will publish them on the LUCAF website so that all members have a chance to respond. This feedback will be used to prepare final versions of any statements or advice before final approval by the LUCAF founder members. The final versions will then be published on the LUCAF website.

We are currently developing policy in the following areas:

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