I just finished the development phase and thanks for all the support for this extension.

Xuehui Hu - Developer


This extension has the potential of becoming a practical tool in every user's day to day GDPR consent flow.

Nishanth Sastry - Designer


Incorporating human factors into data privacy to design available managers for GDPR consent is essential.

Mainack Mondal - Designer

Overview of Extension

It is time to automatically set the right preferences in GDPR consent cookie banners with the help of Rachel's GDPR consent manager.


Rachel's GDPR Consent Manager is used for our academic research study to help users understand the existence of GDPR consent cookies.

Our goal is to automatically enable choosing GDPR cookie consent settings to enforce the minimum data-collection for individuals across websites.

  • Meaning of Protection Status

      Our extension works by the detecting presence of known GDPR Consent Management Platforms (CMPs). CMPs are leveraged in sites to show you the GDPR cookie consent banners and enforce cookie policies (regulating data-collection by trackers). Consequently,
    • if you see a green text in the extension (stating “Auto Protection Enabled”), it means the detected GDPR CMPs are present in our extension's CMP list and we have automatically set the best privacy protection for you so that you browser allows collection of only the strictly necessary data for the website to function as permitted by GDPR.
    • If you see a yellow text (stating “Site is not yet supported”), it indicates that either the website does not provide a way to obtain consent via cookie consent banners OR the CMP present in this site is not currently detected by our extension. If you believe there is cookie consent banner on this site, and we do not support or detect it, please do use the contact form below to send a feedback to us.
    • If the text is red (stating “User Disabled Protection”), it means you “Disabled” automatic protection for the site in extension.
  • Optional Settings

    We provide two slider options to support four functions:

    • Scope of "Apply" Apply
      for this site for all site
      Auto Protection Enabled
      automatically set GDPR protection for the site currently visiting.
      automatically set GDPR protection for all sites you visited
      User Disabled Protection
      withdraw GDPR consents for the current site and remember your choice
      withdraw GDPR consents for all websites you visited in browser
  • Auto Data Collect (Right of User)

    In our extension, we use the toggle switch
    to ensure the user's control over our auto data collection. All collection will be done anonymously, which means no identifiable information about users would be disclosed.
  • Which kind of data do we collect?

    Regardless of the browsing history, the data collected is limited to specific consent cookies and classification results of third party cookies (*noted that first party cookies that may contain sensitive data would be excluded) that are different from the previous ones due to the installation of our extension, that is, the benefits of using our extension to manage GDPR cookie banners/notices. This data helps us explore how to better in favor of the GDPR consent management for users.


Classification Result for Cookies in your Browser

After you've installed our extension on your browser, our extension will start locally analyzing your cookies.

  • Consent Cookies

    As proof-of-concept, we first crafted regular expressions (regex) to detect consent cookies and augment this approach with light-weight machine learning (ML) classifiers. Together, Regex+ML approach robustly identifies GDPR consent-related cookie names with high accuracy and low time cost.

  • Other Classes

    We are using machine learning models to classify cookies into four categories: Strictly Necessary, Functionality, Performance and Targeting/Advertising Cookies, providing over 90% accuracy of prediction.

  • Classification Design

  • First Installation

    If you are installing our extension for the first time, the extension will pop up a survey website that will help us gather your understanding of GDPR-related questions. You can also reach the Survey Website from the secondary panel of the extension.

  • Research Ethics

    Your survey responses will be used in our research only if you provide explicit consent. Please note that even if you consent, we will never store any personal identifiers in our collected data; any data collected will be used only for the purposes of non-commercial academic research.


Consents and Cookie Privacy

Our extension will start analyzing your cookies as soon as it is installed, but all analysis will happen locally on your computer, so your privacy or security are not compromised in any way.


Which GDPR Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) are detected by our extension?

We support a number of CMPs. In addition, our advanced Machine Learning models detect other GDPR consent cookies beyond these CMPs as well. However, our solution may fail to detect some cookie consent banners. Please get in touch (Contact Form) if you see a site that is not yet supported

CMP List

Contact Info

This extension is under development. If you wish to send any feedback (e.g., you want out extension to support a website) please use the form below or simply email us at