Postdoctoral Fellowships

The following fellowship schemes may be of interest for those wishing to conduct postdoctoral research at King's:

Candidates are requested to check their eligibility for these schemes before contacting me about potential projects.

Postgraduate Studies

For study at PhD level please get in touch as early as possible to discuss potential projects. Applications for which I am named as potential supervisor have a much greater chance of being accepted if I have had a chance to discuss your research interests with you. Overseas candidates (i.e., those originating from outside the EU) are additionally requested to identify, and check eligibility for potential funding sources, when contacting me about joining the group.

General guidance on the college application procedure, including entry requirements can be found here.
Funding Sources

Applicants may find the following pages useful for finding funding opportunities:
Unfortunately, I am currently unable to take on students for research internships, and mails requesting this are unlikely to receive a response.