Philip Ferguson

Philip Ferguson

Ph.D. Student, co-supervised with James Mason

Pharmaceutical Biophysics, Institute of Pharmaceutical Science




Philip obtained his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from University College London in 2013. Subsequently, he undertook a master’s degree in Molecular Biophysics at King’s College London, during which his research project focused on the protein-protein interactions in natural product biosynthesis.

In 2015 Philip began a 4-year EPSRC funded PhD project supervised by Dr. James Mason and Dr. Chris Lorenz entitled “A combined biophysics and systems biology approach to understanding antimicrobial resistance and tolerance”.

In his PhD project, Phil used a combination of biophysical and systems biology techniques to gain molecular insight into how Gram-negative bacteria manipulate their environment to overcome challenges by antimicrobial peptides (AMPs).

Now Phil is doing a postdoc within the Lorenz Lab in collaboration with James Mason’s group.