Edward Lambden

Edward Lambden

Ph.D. Student (co-supervised with Martin Ulmschneider)

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Cross-disciplinary Approaches to Non-Equilibrium Systems

e-mail: edward.lambden@kcl.ac.uk

twitter: @EdwardLambden


Edward has experienced the pleasure of finding things out throughout his educational endeavours thus far, and intend to follow his thirst for learning and understanding wherever it leads. His personal research interests are varied; his BSc Physics project at the University of Sussex involved examining radial and velocity gradient profiles of galaxies and comparing these to what models were predicting, in order for particular parameters to be fine tuned. For his MSc Physics at King’s College London, he worked in the Lorenz Lab and looked at the interactions between an alpha toxin and the erythrocyte membrane, utilising molecular dynamics. This culminated in an analysis of atom-atom interactions, including the binding mechanisms. Coupled together, these projects has gifted him a keen analytic eye, and shown him the power of computational modelling and simulations. With this background, Edward joined the CANES CDT at King’s and has since started a PhD project with Martin Ulmschneider and us.

Edward assists with the teaching of mathematics in the Department of Chemistry and computer simulation techniques in the Department of Physics.