UK-Japan Winter School

Geometric, Spectral, and Stochastic Analysis

Wood Norton Hall & Conference Centre, Evesham (near Oxford), 9-12 January 2005


YUJI HIROTA: On the Poisson manifolds twisted by closed 3-forms

SATOSHI ISHIWATA: Laplacians on uniformly distributed nets and asymptotics of heat semigroups on nilpotent covering manifolds

KAZUMASA KUWADA: Laplace approximation for stochastic line integrals

ULRIKA MAGNEA: Lectures on random matrix theory and symmetric spaces

NEIL O'CONNELL: Some path-transformations related to Brownian motion, random matrices and representation theory

ALBERTO OHASHI: Evolution equations driven by a fractional white noise in spaces of abstract stochastic distributions

YUKI SUZUKI: Asymptotic behavior of a diffusion process with a one-sided Brownian potential

HIROSHI TAKAHASHI: Recurrent of a multi-dimensional diffusion process in a Brownian environment

JOHN WOOD: Harmonic morphisms

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Last update: 17 February 2005