Department of Mathematics,
King's College London,
Strand, London,


James Newton

I am a lecturer at King's College London.

My CV is here: pdf (updated September 2019).


I am interested in algebraic number theory, particularly (p-adic) automorphic forms and Galois representations.

Papers and preprints:

  • Symmetric power functoriality for holomorphic modular forms, with Jack Thorne
    Arxiv preprint.

  • Adjoint Selmer groups of automorphic Galois representations of unitary type, with Jack Thorne
    Arxiv preprint.

  • Automorphy lifting for residually reducible l-adic Galois representations, II, with Patrick Allen and Jack Thorne
    Arxiv preprint.

  • Monodromy for some rank two Galois representations over CM fields, with Patrick Allen
    Arxiv preprint.

  • Potential Automorphy over CM fields, with P. Allen, F. Calegari, A. Caraiani, T. Gee, D. Helm, B. Le Hung, P. Scholze, R. Taylor and J. Thorne
    Arxiv preprint.

  • Parallel weight 2 points on Hilbert modular eigenvarieties and the parity conjecture, with Christian Johansson
    Forum of Mathematics, Sigma, 2019 Arxiv preprint, journal version.

  • Local Langlands correspondence in rigid families, with Christian Johansson and Claus Sorensen
    To appear in Pacific J. Math. Arxiv preprint.

  • Irreducible components of extended eigenvarieties and interpolating Langlands functoriality, with Christian Johansson
    Math. Res. Lett., 2019 Arxiv preprint, journal version.

  • Irreducible components of the eigencurve of finite degree are finite over the weight space, with Shin Hattori
    To appear in J. Reine Angew. Math. Arxiv preprint, journal version.

  • Patching and the completed homology of locally symmetric spaces, with Toby Gee
    Arxiv preprint.

  • Extended eigenvarieties for overconvergent cohomology, with Christian Johansson
    Algebra & Number Theory 2019. Arxiv preprint, journal version.

  • Torsion Galois representations over CM fields and Hecke algebras in the derived category, with Jack Thorne
    Forum of Mathematics, Sigma 2016. Arxiv preprint, journal version.

  • Shimura curves, the Drinfeld curve and Serre weights, with Teruyoshi Yoshida

  • Towards local-global compatibility for Hilbert modular forms of low weight
    Algebra & Number Theory 2015. Arxiv preprint, journal version.

  • Level raising for p-adic Hilbert modular forms
    J. Théor. Nombres Bordeaux 2016. Arxiv preprint, journal version.

  • An appendix to "Universal eigenvarieties, trianguline Galois representations, and p-adic Langlands functoriality" by David Hansen
    J. Reine Angew. Math. 2017. Arxiv preprint, journal version.

  • Serre weights and Shimura curves
    Proceedings of the LMS, 2013. Preprint, journal version.

  • Completed cohomology of Shimura curves and a p-adic Jacquet-Langlands correspondence
    Mathematische Annalen, 2012. Arxiv preprint (with a few fixes compared to the journal version), journal version.

  • Level raising and completed cohomology
    IMRN, 2011. Arxiv preprint, journal version.

  • Geometric level raising for p-adic automorphic forms
    Compositio Mathematica, 2011. Arxiv preprint, journal version.
    Some minor corrections to this work can be found in the paper "Level raising for p-adic Hilbert modular forms" listed above.


I currently lecture the course Introduction to Number theory at King's.

I lectured Group Representation Theory (M3/4/5P12) at Imperial College London in Spring 2016. The homepage for the course is here.

I lectured a Part III course in Cambridge on Modular Forms in Lent term 2014. The homepage for the course is here.


Details for the London Number Theory Seminar are here. I am hosting pages for the Summer 2020 (online) seminar and study group.