International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms

Problems Section

Since its earliest gatherings, the International (originally Australasian) Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (IWOCA) has had collaborative problem solving as an essential part of its meetings. This takes place alongside the formal progamme of invited and contributed talks, although there is now one timetabled meeting to fire-up activity! This provides an enjoyable and fraternal element and contributes to the special nature of these workshops.

This page keeps a record of live problems in this domain. We record here problem statements, arranged by topic, advances and developments as appropriate and encourage progress beyond and between IWOCA meetings. The style is informal and recorded progress is meant to suit problems and contributors individually. E-mail addresses should be evident, and anyone, anytime, is encouraged to join in. New problems can be added at any time. What actually appears on these pages is by agreement with the original contributor of a problem and with the keepers of this page who are, at this time:

  • Alessio Conte (
  • Dominik K√∂ppl (