SEA 2017

16th International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms

King's College London, UK, June 21–23, 2017


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Accepted Papers

Leo Liberti and Claudia D'Ambrosio. The Isomap algorithm in distance geometry
Nicola Prezza. A Framework of Dynamic Data Structures for String Processing
Christian Schulz and Jesper Larsson Träff. Better Process Mapping and Sparse Quadratic Assignment
Stefano Coniglio and Stefano Gualandi. On the separation of topology-free rank inequalities for the max stable set problem
Niklas Baumstark, Simon Gog, Tobias Heuer and Julian Labeit. Practical Range Minimum Queries Revisited
Orlando Moreira, Merten Popp and Christian Schulz. Graph Partitioning with Acyclicity Constraints
Andrei Alexandrescu. Fast Deterministic Selection
Antoine Limasset, Guillaume Rizk, Rayan Chikhi and Pierre Peterlongo. Fast and scalable minimal perfect hashing for massive key sets
Patrick Dinklage, Johannes Fischer, Dominik Köppl, Marvin Löbel and Kunihiko Sadakane. Compression with the tudocomp Framework
Julie Meissner, Nicole Megow and Jacob Focke. Minimum Spanning Tree under Explorable Uncertainty in Theory and Experiments
Pankaj Agarwal, Nirman Kumar, Stavros Sintos and Subhash Suri. Efficient Algorithms for k-Regret Minimizing Sets
Miguel A. Mosteiro and Harshita Kudaravalli. Ad-hoc Affectance-selective Families for Layer Dissemination
Stefan Funke, Soeren Laue and Sabine Storandt. Personal Routes with High-Dimensional Costs and Dynamic Approximation Guarantees
Jihyuk Lim and Kunsoo Park. Algorithm Engineering for All-Pairs Suffix-Prefix Matching
Max Bannach, Sebastian Berndt and Thorsten Ehlers. Jdrasil: A Modular Library for Computing Tree Decompositions
Daniyah Aloqalaa, Jenny Hodgson and Prudence W.H. Wong. The Impact of Landscape Sparsification on Modelling and Analysis of the Invasion Process
Moritz Baum, Jonas Sauer, Tobias Zündorf and Dorothea Wagner. Consumption Profiles in Route Planning for Electric Vehicles: Theory and Applications
Niklas Baumstark, Simon Gog, Tobias Heuer and Julian Labeit. The Quantile Index – Succinct Self-Index for Top-k Document Retrieval
Elisabetta Bergamini, Henning Meyerhenke, Mark Ortmann and Arie Slobbe. Faster Betweenness Centrality Updates in Evolving Networks
Sebastian Schlag and Tobias Heuer. Improving Coarsening Schemes for Hypergraph Partitioning by Exploiting Community Structure
Manuel Penschuck. Generating practical random hyperbolic graphs in near-linear time and with sub-linear memory
Lars Briem, Sebastian Buck, Holger Ebhart, Nicolai Mallig, Ben Strasser, Peter Vortisch, Dorothea Wagner, and Tobias Zündorf. Efficient Traffic Assignment for Public Transit Networks
Juha Kärkkäinen and Dominik Kempa. Engineering External Memory LCP Array Construction: Parallel, In-Place and Large Alphabet
Robert Lion Gottwald, Stephen Maher and Yuji Shinano. Distributed domain propagation
Amariah Becker, Eli Fox-Epstein, Philip Klein and David Meierfrankenfeld. Engineering an Approximation Scheme for Traveling Salesman in Planar Graphs
Paulo Fonseca and Israel Silva. Online construction of wavelet trees
Loukas Georgiadis, Konstantinos Giannis, Aikaterini Karanasiou and Luigi Laura. Incremental Low-High Orders of Directed Graphs and Applications
Loukas Georgiadis, Giuseppe F. Italiano and Aikaterini Karanasiou. Approximating the Smallest 2-Vertex-Connected Spanning Subgraph via Low-High Orders
Nicola Basilico, Stefano Coniglio, Nicola Gatti and Alberto Marchesi. Bilevel programming approaches to the computation of optimistic and pessimistic single-leader-multi-follower equilibria
Michael Huang and Clifford Stein. Extending Search Phases in the Micali-Vazirani Algorithm