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Nanjing's skyline

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Bids for Hosting ITP 2016

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A tradition of ITP and TPHOLs is that groups can bid for hosting the next conference. The only restriction is that the conference should be held in a continent different to the location of the previous meeting. The following four groups have submitted bids to organise ITP in 2016 and are eligible:
  • Nancy (France) by Jasmin Blanchette and Stephan Merz
  • Innsbruck (Austria) by Rene Thiemann and Christian Sternagel
  • Portland/Oregon (USA) by Andrew Tolmach, John O'Leary and Brian Huffman
  • Orleans (France) by Frederic Loulergue, Pierre Courtieu, Frederic Dabrowski and Hugo Herbelin


The people eligible to vote are those who are seriously thinking of attending ITP 2016, and the voting system used will be Single Transferable Vote between all received bids. Votes should be send to itp2015 at

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