ITP 2015 Accepted Papers

Andreas Lochbihler and Alexandra Maximova. Stream Fusion for Isabelle’s Code Generator (Rough Diamond)
Luís Cruz-Filipe and Peter Schneider-Kamp. Formalizing Size-Optimal Sorting Networks: Extracting a Certified Proof Checker
Bruno Barras, Carst Tankink and Enrico Tassi. Asynchronous processing of Coq documents: from the kernel up to the user interface
Tobias Nipkow. Amortized Complexity Verified
Anthony Fox. Improved Tool Support for Machine-Code Decompilation in HOL4
Sylvain Boulmé and Alexandre Maréchal. Refinement to certify abstract interpretations, illustrated on linearization for polyhedra.
Arthur Charguéraud and François Pottier. Machine-Checked Verification of the Correctness and Amortized Complexity of an Efficient Union-Find Implementation
Johannes Hölzl, Andreas Lochbihler and Dmitriy Traytel. A Formalized Hierarchy of Probabilistic System Types (Proof Pearl)
Petar Maksimovic and Alan Schmitt. HOCore in Coq
Hing-Lun Chan and Michael Norrish. Mechanisation of AKS Algorithm: Part 1 – the Main Theorem
Mariano Moscato, Cesar Munoz and Andrew Smith. Affine Arithmetic and Applications to Real-Number Proving
Thomas Tuerk, Magnus O. Myreen and Ramana Kumar. Pattern Matches in HOL: A New Representation and Improved Code Generation
Frédéric Besson, Sandrine Blazy and Pierre Wilke. A Concrete Memory Model for CompCert
Sigurd Schneider, Gert Smolka and Sebastian Hack. A First-Order Functional Intermediate Language for Verified Compilers
Benja Fallenstein and Ramana Kumar. Proof-Producing Reflection for HOL, with an Application to Model Polymorphism
Peter Lammich. Refinement to Imperative/HOL
Mohammad Abdulaziz, Michael Norrish and Charles Gretton. Verified Over-Approximation of the Diameters of Propositionally Factored Transition Systems
Reynald Affeldt and Jacques Garrigue. Formalization of Error-correcting Codes: from Hamming to Modern Coding Theory
Filip Sieczkowski, Aleš Bizjak and Lars Birkedal. ModuRes: a Coq Library for Modular Reasoning about Concurrent Higher-Order Imperative Programming Languages
Prathamesh T. Formalizing Knot Theory in Isabelle/HOL
Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann. Deriving Comparators and Show-Functions in Isabelle/HOL
Cezary Kaliszyk, Josef Urban and Jiri Vyskocil. Learning To Parse on Aligned Corpora (Rough Diamond)
Abhishek Anand and Ross Knepper. ROSCoq: Robots powered by Constructive Reals
Gert Smolka, Steven Schäfer and Christian Doczkal. Transfinite Constructions in Classical Type Theory
Fabian Immler. A Verified Enclosure for the Lorenz Attractor (Rough Diamond)
Steven Schäfer, Tobias Tebbi and Gert Smolka. Autosubst: Reasoning with de Bruijn Terms and Parallel Substitutions
Zoe Paraskevopoulou, Catalin Hritcu, Maxime Dénès, Leonidas Lampropoulos and Benjamin Pierce. Foundational Property-Based Testing
Régis Spadotti. A Mechanized Theory of regular trees in dependent type theory
Ondřej Kunčar and Andrei Popescu. A Consistent Foundation for Isabelle/HOL
Sandrine Blazy, Delphine Demange and David Pichardie. Validating Dominator Trees for a Fast, Verified Dominance Test