EPSRC postdoctoral position
"From conformal loop ensembles to conformal field theory"
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Under the EPSRC grant EP/H051619/1, I am looking for one post-doctoral assistant for a period of one year, to start anytime before 23 May 2011.

The project is concerned with establishing a connection between conformal loop ensembles (CLE) and conformal field theory (CFT). In particular, the research assistant will help in generalising in various directions the work [21], about the construction of the stress-energy tensor in CLE.

A knowledge of fundamental notions of CFT (e.g. chapters 1-7 of "Conformal Field Theory" by Di Francesco, Mathieu, Sénéchal), of Schramm-Loewner evolution (e.g. Cardy, cond-mat/0503313 and references therein), and of measure and probabily theory (e.g. chapters 1-5 and 9 of "Measure Theory" by Halmos) will be necessary. Some familiarity with conformal loop ensembles [Werner math.PR/0511268, math.PR/0511605; Sheffield math.PR/0609167; Smirnov arxiv:0708.0039] as well as recent developments in this context [21,22] would be useful. The project will give the assistant the opportunity to learn more about these subjects.

Besides the standard salary for post-doctoral assistants at KCL (grade 6, spine point 33, including a London allowance), the assistant will have access to travel money for conferences. She/he will also be encouraged to intereract with the theoretical physics group at King's College London, as well as with other groups of the department of mathematics. These include, in particular, world-leading researchers in CFT, string theory, geometry and analysis.

For the official KCL job description and application procedure, please follow this link.

The deadline for applications is 11 June 2010.

For informal enquiries, please write to: benjamin.doyon _at_ kcl.ac.uk

latest update: 14 May 2010