EPSRC First Grant
"From conformal loop ensembles to conformal field theory"
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Under the EPSRC grant EP/H051619/1, I am supporting one post-doctoral assistant, Dr. Thomas Koeppe, 1 September 2011 - 31 October 2012.

The general project is concerned with establishing a connection between conformal loop ensembles (CLE) and conformal field theory (CFT). In particular, it aims at generalising in various directions the works [22, 23], about the construction of the stress-energy tensor in CLE, and the relation between this CFT field and "conformal derivatives".

I am also supervising two MSc students: Jonathan Desponds (in a one-year "stage" from École Normale Supérieure de Paris), on a project concerned with descendents of the stress-energy tensor in CLE; and Rostam King, on a project concerned with the bounday stress-energy tensor in CLE.

Papers written under this grant (from my publication list):

Latest version of [22]: B. D., Calculus on manifolds of conformal maps and CFT, preprint arXiv:1004.0138 (53 pages).
[28] B. D., Factorization of conformal maps on finitely connected domains, preprint arXiv:1107.0582 (5 pages).
[29] B. D., Higher conformal variations and the Virasoro vertex operator algebra, preprint arXiv:1110.1507 (55 pages)

latest update: 28 October 2011