Dr Andrew Coles

I am a Reader in Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Informatics, King's College London, and head of the AI Reasoning and Planning Group.


My research is in the area of Artificial Intelligence Planning. Given some initial state of the world, a plan says what to do, and when to do it, in order to achieve some goals. Research in AI planning explores how the process of finding a plan can be automated, using a planner. As the number of combinations of actions is large, planning systems must be able to make intelligent decisions in order to solve problems.


I have taught various classes at King's, and have received both a faculty Teaching Excellence Award, and King's Most Innovative Teacher Award.

In addition to this, I am the Informatics department liaison to King's Maths School.


I am head of the AI Reasoning and Planning research group, in the Department of Informatics. Prior to this, I was Deputy Head (Education) in the Department of Informatics, with general responsibility for our undergraduate and taught postgraduate degree programmes.