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Charles Elkan's Video on Matrix Factorization and Link Prediction

Charles Elkan's Videos on Log-Linear Models and Conditional Random Fields

PCA (Blog)

Stanford Machine Learning (Lecture Notes from Ng's Course)

Wissensbasierte Korrelation und Anomalie-Erkennung in der Internetsicherheit (Tool Video)

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Maschinelles Lernen /
Machine Learning


Stefan Edelkamp
         Am Fallturm 1, Raum 2.62 
         D-28357 Universität Bremen


Kompakt 27.02.-10.03.2017 je 08:30-12:00 / 27.02.-10.03.2017 je 14:00-16:00


Machine Learning is concerned with computer programs that automatically improve their performance through experience (e.g., programs that learn to recognize human faces, recommend music and movies, and drive autonomous robots).
  • Decision Trees, Naive Bayes, Bayes' Nets
  • Linear Regression, Markov Chains, HMMs and CRF
  • Classification 1: Neuronal Nets, Backprop and Co.
  • Classification 2: Support/Bit Vector Machines and Co.
  • Clustering: k-means and Co.
  • (Approx.) Nearest Neighbor, Full Delaunay Hierarchies, kD Trees and Co.
  • Singular Value Decomp. Principle Component Analysis and Co
  • Rule Learning: Words, Macros, Association Rules and Co.
  • Reinforcement Learning: Value Iteration and Co.
  • Recommender Systems: Collaborative Filtering and Co.
  • Regular Languages: Automata Learning, (I)ID and Co.
  • Evolutionary Learning: GAs and Co.
  • Monte-Carlo (Tree) Search: Bandits, UCT, NMCS, NRPA, and Co.
  • Deep Learning: CNN, Deep Mind and Co.


  • Christopher M. Bishop: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Information Science and Statistics.
  • Tom Mitchell: Machine Learning, McGraw Hill.
  • Pat Langley: Elements of Machine Learning, Morgan Kaufmann.
  • Stefan Edelkamp: Heuristic Search, Morgan Kaufmann.
  • Richard Sutton, Andrew Barto: Reinforcement Learning, MIT.
  • Recent Publications in AI conferences (e.g., AAAI, IJCAI, ECML, ICML).

Machine Learning

Stefan Edelkamp (edelkamp@tzi.de)