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I am a Ph.D student under the supervision of Dr. Toktam Mahmoodi and Dr. Solon Pissis and , in the Department of Informatics (Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences), King's College London. I am a member of both -- the Centre for Telecommunications Research and the Algorithms and Data Analytics Group.

The explosive rate at which data in textual, image, and audio formats is being produced in various domains presents opportunities to make better sense of the world, consequently benefitting the applications such as bioinformatics, data-mining, musicology, image-processing, and cryptography. These opportunities, however, come with a significant challenge -- knowledge and insights can be mined only after cleaning up and processing the raw data, and bigger datasets require very efficient data-mining techniques and algorithms. "Uncertainty" in data, originating due to a range of reasons, adds another layer of complexity to the challenge.

My research focusses on developing algorithmic and data-driven solutions to problems originating in the bioinformatics domain. Specifically, I aim to develop efficient algorithms and software to process large input data with uncertainties (due to errors, imprecision etc.). There are two different approaches: The Algorithmic approach involves developing algorithms and data-structures to answer well-specified questions on structured data while the other strategy is to make use of machine learning when the information to be extracted from the data is not clearly defined.

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