Brief Biography

After obtaining my Honours BSc in Chemistry (with Astronomy and Mathematics) at the University of Leicester in 1971, I stayed on there to do research in computational quantum theory completing my PhD in 1976. Between 1975 and 1987 I held the posts of Program Advisor, then Senior Analyst/Programmer, then Assistant Director (Science & Engineering) in the Computing Centre (now IT Services) at King's College London. In 1987 I was appointed Lecturer in the fledgling Department of Computing (now Informatics) at King's College, becoming a Senior Lecturer in 1994.

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). I have also been selected for inclusion in Marquis Who's Who in Science in Engineering.

Avocations. My main interests outside KCL are currently:

Shotokan crescent kick

In July-August 2006, I accepted an invitation to study for a month with Sifu Shi Xing Ming at the Chanwu Gongfu Academy some 30 km south of Dengfeng in Henan Province, China. As well as learning traditional northern shaolin Gongfu forms I also had the opportunity to study a Yang style Taichi form and to practise Zuo Chan (seated meditation). In addition I was able to visit many cultural sites near Dengfeng, Luoyang and Xi'an. A brief account of my stay is available here. Altogether I have made four visits to mainland China, visiting the northern shaolin temple in Henan Province, the three extant southern shaolin temples in Fujian Province (at Fuquing, Putian & Quanzhou), and Wudangshan in Hubei Province (claimed to be the birth-place of Chinese internal martial arts), since July 2006. A short account of the four shaolin temple visits is available here.

Shaolin dragon hands