One Day Mini-Conference

Statistical Mechanics of Glassy and Complex Systems

King's College London, 26 May 2009

This one day mini-conference on statistical mechanics of glassy and complex systems is meant to cover physics of structural glasses, spin glasses, poly-disperse systems, biological networks econophysics, optimisation, machine learning and more.

We would like to keep this at an informal level.

Depending on the level of interest, the format might consist of talks of approximately 20 minutes throughout the day, or alternatively of a smaller number of talks of similar length, supplemented by short (3-5 min) presentations - a pattern that has been used for many years at the annual Journees de Physique Statistique sessions in Paris.

Local organizers:
Alessia AnnibaleTon Coolen Eytan KatzavReimer Kuehn,   Isaac Perez CastilloPeter Sollich

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