Probability at King's


  • John Armstrong

    John Armstrong

    Research interests: Stochastics and Geometry

    Role: Website

  • Valentina Cammarota

    Valentina Cammarota

    Research interests: Geometry of random fields

  • Roxana Dumitrescu

    Roxana Dumitrescu

    Research interests: Stochastic control, BSDEs, Levy processes and numerical stochastics

    Role: Seminar co-organiser

  • Yan Fyodorov

    Yan Fyodorov

    Research interests: Random matrices

    Role: Seminar co-organiser

  • Blanka Horvath

    Blanka Horvath

    Research interests: Financial Mathematics

    Role: Seminar co-organiser

  • Reimer Kühn

    Reimer Kühn

    Research interests: Random matrices, complex networks, systemic risk

  • Mihail Poplavskyi

    Mihail Poplavskyi

    Research interests: Random matrices

  • Markus Riedle

    Markus Riedle

    Research interests: Stochastic calculus

    Role: Seminar co-organiser

  • Igor Wigman

    Igor Wigman

    Research interests: Nodal sets

    Role: Seminar co-organiser

If you are a member of the KCL mathematics department and would like to be included in this list, please contact one of the seminar co-organisers.