Probability at King's


October 2021

04/10/2021 - Guillaume Poly
Fluctuations for the Salem-Zygmund CLT
Probability Seminar at King's
We shall study second order asymptotic in the almost sure central limit Theorem of Salem and Zygmund. The method is based on a novel approach of Hermite expansions for random fields which are not Gaussian. Relying on some universality principles for random homogeneous sums we shall explain how "Hermite expansion methodology" for establishing CLTs may be extended beyond the usual requirement of Gaussianity of the random fields.
18/10/2021 - Jurgen Angst
Probability Seminar at King's

November 2021

15/11/2021 - Maria Eulália Vares
Probability Seminar at King's
29/11/2021 - Dmitry Zaporozhets
Probability Seminar at King's