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S Ganguli, S Sengupta, P Sollich and M Rao. Nonaffine displacements in crystalline solids in the harmonic limit Physical Review E, 87:042801, 2013.
Abstract and full paper

S Ganguly, S Sengupta and P Sollich. Statistics of non-affine defect precursors: tailoring defect densities in colloidal crystals using external fields. Soft Matter, 11(22):4517-4526, 2015.
Abstract and full paper

A Mitra, S Ganguly, S Sengupta and P Sollich. Non-affine fluctuations and the statistics of defect precursors in the planar honeycomb lattice. Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, P06025, 2015.
Abstract and full paper

S Ganguly, J Horbach, P  Sollich, S Karmakar, S Sengupta. Amorphization of a crystalline solid by plastic deformation. Submitted for publication.
Abstract and full paper

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