London School of Geometry and Number Theory (LSGNT)

Topics in Number Theory 2018/19

Topics in Number Theory is a semester-and-a-half-long course taught every year to the first-year LSGNT students. This version of the course is designed by Fred Diamond and Payman Kassaei, and is taught collaboratively by academics in London. Each lecture is followed by a wrap-up session where a student (the owner) is in charge of organising presentations by students where solutions to problem sets, or aspects of the theory are discussed. A senior student (the supervisor) will be present at each wrap-up session.

Schedule of lectures (Semester 1)






Oct 3 Alexei Skorobogatov Diophantine Equations Mirriam Norris Benjamin Aslan
Oct 17 Eran Assaf Counting points on varieties in characteristic p Federico Bongiorno Petru Constantinescu
Oct 24 Ana Caraiani The Weil conjecturs Mafalda Santos + Corvin Paul Paul Van Hoften
Oct 31 James Newton L functions Chris Sulzdorf + Roberto Ladu Matt Haberman
Nov 7 Andrei Yafaev Elliptic curves and abelian varieties Bruno Ricieri + Tom Sharpe Sarah Nowell
Nov 14 Fred Diamond Galois Representations Jordan Hoffman + Qaasim Shafi Hanneke Wiersema
Nov 21 Vladimir Dokchitser From the Class number formula to the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture Wendelin Lutz + Gabriel Micolet Omri Faraggi
Nov 28 David Burns An introduction to Iwasawa theory/special values conjectures Dominik Bullach Andrew Graham
Dec 5 Andrei Yafaev Elliptic curves and abelian varieties II Liam Stigant + John McCarthy David Sheard
Dec 12 Payman Kassaei Modular Forms Jordan Docking + Jaime Mendizábal Roche Johannes Girsch

Times and locations

The lectures take place at Imperial College London: CDT Space, Teaching Room 2 (402B) 10-12 am.
The wrap-up session of a lecture is held on the following Tuesday, 10-12 am, S4.23 Strand Building, Kings College London.