London School of Geometry and Number Theory (LSGNT)

Topics in Number Theory 2020/21

Topics in Number Theory is a semester-and-a-half-long course taught every year to the first-year LSGNT students. This version of the course is designed by Fred Diamond and Payman Kassaei (and organized by PK) and is taught collaboratively by academics in London. Each lecture is followed by a wrap-up session in which students (the owners) are in charge of organizing presentations where solutions to problem sets or aspects of the topic are discussed. A senior student (the supervisor) will be present at each wrap-up session.

Schedule of lectures






Oct 14 Owen Pataschnik Counting points on varieties in characteristic p E. Hollands A. Di Lorenzo
Oct 21 Chris Birkbek The Weil conjectures R. Crumplin L. A’Campo
Oct 28 James Newton L functions L.C. Kellock + M. Voskou L. Wakelin
Nov 11 Netan Dogra Elliptic curves and abelian varieties F. Vigano + M. Workman I. Solonenko
Nov 18 Fred Diamond Galois representations   M. Benozzo + L. Philips T. Ludenbach
Nov 25 Vladimir Dokchitser From the Class number formula to the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture W. Wawrow + A Constantinou R. Carini
Dec 2 David Burns An introduction to Iwasawa theory/special values conjectures D. Liang H. Tillmann-Morris
Dec 9 Payman Kassaei Modular forms S. Veneziale + I. Di Dedda J. Daniels-Holgate
Dec 16 Alexei Skorobogatov Diophantine Equations J. Bell + P. Voegtli A. Narayanan
Jan 27 TBD TBD B. Hevesi A. Burton
Feb 10 TBD TBD W. Zhou S. Karwa
Feb 24 TBD TBD D. Ulyumdzhiev J. Pajwani

Times and locations

The lectures take place online 10-12 am.