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fpuk is an STFC-funded virtual theory centre. Its role is to coordinate theoretical physicists in the UK who work on formal topics in fundamental physics. This includes research into String Theory/M-theory, Supersymmetry, Quantum Field Theory and Gravity as well as related topics. Our mandate consists of three main themes:

·      Foster interactions and sharing of knowledge between UK research groups

·      Organise regular in person meetings of the formal UK theoretical physics community

·      Represent the theory community within STFC

Other STFC-funded centres are UK Lattice Field Theory, and not least the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology

For a list of UK groups with interests that overlap with the Virtual Centre click here

And for some hopefully helpful links click here

Organizing Committee:

·      Jerome Gauntlett

·      Prem Kumar

·      Neil Lambert (Chair): contact

·      Costis Papageorgakis

·      Simon Ross

·      Sakura Schafer-Nameki

·      David Tong

·      David Turton

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