ETAPS 2009

TAASN 2009

2nd International Workshop on
Theory and Applications of Abstraction, Substitution and Naming

York, UK - 22 March 2009.

A satellite event of ETAPS 2009


Mathematical treatments of concrete syntax (using strings, trees, directed graphs, etc.) have always been a central concern for that part of computer science to do with symbolic computation, programming language implementation and computer-aided reasoning. However, it has proved much harder to find useful theories of abstract syntax which address the structural properties common to all high-level semantics of formal languages, especially those properties that have to do with substituting structures for variables, delimiting the scope of names, and sharing common substructures.

The main purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers who are applying logic, category theory and set theory to the study of abstract syntax in computer languages, as well as researchers who are building computer systems based on those theories. Papers describing applications in computational logic, program language design, and mechanised theorem proving are particularly welcome. We aim to bring together researchers working in these different domains and to foster their interaction, to provide a forum for presenting new ideas and work in progress, and to enable newcomers to learn about current activities in this area.

Topics of interest include: Logic-based, categorical or set-based theories of names and binding; nominal techniques; semantics (denotational semantics, game semantics using presheaf categories and using nominal sets, etc.); applications in programming langages, automated reasoning and symbolic computation; applications in computation models that take sharing into account, e.g. term graphs and bigraphs; implementation issues; system descriptions.

The 2nd International Workshop on Theory and Applications of Abstraction, Substitution and Naming (TAASN 2009) will take place in York, on the 22nd March 2009, as a satellite event of ETAPS 2009. The first workshop in this series took place in Edinburgh in May 2007, sponsored by EPSRC and ICMS. TAASN 2009 is partially supported by EPSRC.

Submissions and Publication

Authors are invited to submit a 5 page abstract using the ENTCS style by the 11th January 2009, in pdf format, via the TAASN Easychair website. After the workshop authors will be invited to submit a full version of their presentation for a special issue of the Journal of Automated Reasoning.

Important Dates
Workshop: 22 March 2009
Submission deadline for journal special issue: 1 November 2009

Invited Speaker:
Robert Harper

Abstracts of papers accepted for presentation:_
Click here to view or download the abstracts in pdf format

Programme Committee
Maribel Fernández
Daniel Friedman
Ian Mackie
Andrew Pitts
Alwen Tiu
Christian Urban

Registration and Accommodation

TAASN 2009 is a satellite workshop of ETAPS 2009. For registration and accomodation see the ETAPS web page.


Maribel Fernandez
Department of Computer Science
King's College London
Strand, London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom