Maribel Fernández

Professor of Computer Science
Department of Informatics
Faculty of Natural, Mathematical and Engineering Sciences
King's College London, Strand Campus
Maribel.Fernandez at
Office: Bush House, N7.19 Tel: +44 20 7848 2499

Development of rewrite-based tools for the specification, analysis and verification of complex systems (e.g., biochemical systems, financial systems, programming languages, software applications).


  • Programming/specification languages: Types, Semantics.
  • Rewrite-based computation models: term and graph rewriting, lambda-calculus, interaction nets.
  • Security and Privacy: Access control, cloud-IoT architectures, privacy policies.

    Software Systems Group


    Current and recent projects:

  • Nominal Verification Environments, Royal Society International Exchanges (King's College London and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign).
  • Nominal Techniques, with University of Brasilia.
  • Axiomatic modelling of obligations for privacy enforcement, with University of Porto, funded by London Mathematical Society
  • Matching Algorithms, with Rangewell and TapSW, funded by Innovate UK.
  • Dynamic Access Control, funded by EOARD and University of Texas
  • PORGY - Interactive Analysis and Visualisation of Port Graph Rewriting Systems, with INRIA and University of Bordeaux.
  • Dependent types for nominal terms, Royal Society International Joint Project (with University ORT Uruguay).
  • Journals:

  • Logical Methods in Computer Science. Executive Board member.
  • Logic and Computation - Rewriting Corner
  • Discover Internet-of-Things. Springer Nature. Editorial Board member.
  • Journal of Automated Reasoning Special Issue on Linearity
  • LMCS Special Issue - CSL 2020
  • LMCS Special Issue - RTA/TLCA 2015


  • AMHIS 1st Workshop on Approaches to Modelling Heterogeneous Interacting Systems. In Association with Financial Cryptography 2022, Grenada, February 18, 2022. PC member.
  • Leeds Computability Days June 2022. Invited Speaker.
  • CODASPY 2022 The 12th ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy. April 2022. PC co-chair.
  • FoSSaCS 2022 25th International Conference on Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures. ETAPS. PC member.
  • WRLA 2022 14th International Workshop on Rewriting Logic and its Applications, ETAPS. Munich, April 2022. PC member.
  • CiE 2022 Int. Conferencec Computability in Europe, Swansea, UK, July 2022. PC member.
  • ICFP 2022 27th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 2022. PC member.
  • ICTAC 2022 19th International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing, Tbilisi, Georgia, 27-29 September 2022 (part of Computational Logic Autumn Summit 2022). PC member.
  • IFIP Working Group 1.6 on Rewriting.
  • TERMGRAPH, a bi-anual series of Int. Workshops. SC member.
  • LOPSTR, Int. Symposium on Logic-based program synthesis and transformation. SC member.
  • REF 2021 Panel Member

    EACLS Executive Board Member, member of the Ackermann Award Panel (EACSL Outstanding Dissertation Award for Logic in Computer Science) 2022.

    EAPLS Board Member (General Secretary), EAPLS "Best Dissertation Award" expert committee (co-chair)

    IFCoLog Advisory Board

    Current and former PhD Students:
    Abiar Al-Homaimeedi, Fahad Alarifi, Asad Ali, Anna Bamberger, Christophe Calvès, Washington de Carvalho Segundo, Jesus Dominguez Alvarez, Nneka Ene, Elliot Fairweather, Fabien Fleutot, Jenjira Jaimunk, Lionel Khalil, Chris Munhuweyi, Olivier Namet, Daniele Nantes, Ana Cristina Rocha Oliveira, Nikolaos Siafakas, Francois-Régis Sinot, Jeffrey Terrell, Janos Varga, Matthew Walker.


  • Programming Language Design (5CCS2PLD). Book: Programming Languages and Operational Semantics: A Concise Overview
  • Computation Models (6CCS3COM). Book: Models of computation - An introduction to computability theory.