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Iwasawa 2015

Information about Iwasawa 2015 can be found here.


Preprints and publications

Proof of the main conjecture of noncommutative Iwasawa theory for totally real number fields in certain cases, J. Alg. Geom., 20(2011), 631-683.[JAG][arXiv]

The main conjecture of Iwasawa theory for totally real fields, Inv. Math. Nov. 2012. [Inv][arXiv]

From the classical to the noncommutative Iwasawa theory (for totally real number fields), in Non-abelian Fundamental Groups and Iwasawa Theory , LMS Lecture Note Series (No. 393), Dec. 2011, ed. J. Coates, M. Kim, F. Pop, M. Saidi, P. Schneider. [link]

Congruences Between Abelian p-adic Zet Functions, in Noncommutative Iwasawa Main Conjectures over Totally Real Fields, Springer Proc. in Math & Stat., Vol 29, 125-158, ed. Coates, J.; Schneider, P.; Sujatha, R.; Venjakob, O. [link]

Kato's local epsilon conjecture: $l \neq p$ case. [preprint]

Teaching (in King's)

Elementary Number Theory, Spring 2012
Galois Theory, Spring 2012
Elementary Number Theory, Spring 2013
Algebraic Number Theory, Spring 2013

Number theory events in London

Information about London Number Theory Seminars, Spring 2016, can be found here .

Information about London-Paris number theory seminar, June 2015 can be found here .

Information about London Number Theory Seminars, Spring 2015, can be found here .

Information about past London Number Theory Seminars can be found here .

Past events

Dinesh Thakur is visiting Imperial College London as a Nelder Fellow in May-June 2013. He is giving a series of talks on Thursdays at 11.00 in room S4.23 in King's College London beginning May 9th and ending June 6th (I think. For details contact Ambrus Pal ).

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