Membranes in Health and Disease

Membranes in Health and Disease

9th April 2019

Bush House North East Wing
Lecture Theatre 3
King’s College London 

We are organising a one-day workshop in central London (map) where the latest findings in disease-related membrane biophysics will be shared.  We welcome abstracts for posters and oral presentations as contributions to the programme which includes the following invited talks:

The mechanics of malaria parasite invasion of the red cell: seeking a balanced view of parasite-host contributions to entry

Jake Baum (Imperial College London)

Exploiting the Equipartition Theorem: how cells and pathological processes use thermodynamics

Julian Shillcock (EPFL, Lausanne).

The full programme (including abstracts for the invited talks) can be found here.

Abstract submission deadline: 15th March 2019 29th March 2019

Registration deadline: 22nd March 2019 29th March 2019

Register here.

Organisers: Peter G. Petrov, C. Peter Winlove, Chris Lorenz & Gianluca Marcelli

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Bob-Dan Lechner or Beth McGill.