Chris Lorenz

Chris Lorenz

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Chris Lorenz received a combined BS/MS in chemical engineering at the University of Michigan in 1997. Chris continued on to earn his PhD in chemical engineering in 2001 at the University of Michigan, under the supervision of Prof. Robert Ziff, with whom he investigated ‘Chemical Engineering Applications of Percolation Theory.’

In 2001, Chris moved to Albuquerque, NM to work as a postdoc in Multi-scale Materials and Molecular Biology Simulations group at Sandia National Laboratories with Gary Grest, Mark Stevens and Michael Chandross. In Dec. 2005, Chris moved to Ames, IA where he worked as a research fellow in the Physics Department of Iowa State University and Ames National Laboratory with Prof. Alex Travesset. Chris was appointed as a lecturer in the Department of Engineering at King’s College London in May 2007. He then joined the Department of Physics in January 2011.


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I am currently teaching the following modules:

Bio- and Nanomaterials in the Virtual Lab: A Master’s level module in which we discuss and practice various simulation methods used to simulate the behaviour of bio- and nanomaterials.

Simulation Methods for Non-Equilibrium Systems: A module that is required as part of the M.Sc. programme within the CANES CDT, in which the students are given lectures and practical labs about various simulation methods to study non-equilibrium systems in Physics, Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Biophysics.  Andreas Baas and James Millington from the Department of Geography at KCL and Steve Phelps from the Department of Informatics at KCL contribute significantly to this module as well.

Also I contribute one lecture to the Systems Biomedicine Graduate Programme which is  run by the Institute for Mathematical & Molecular Biomedicine at King’s College London.