Okay, this is MYhome page!

Finally, I have become mature enough to have it done. Enjoy browsing!

My face may be the one you would not enjoy so that I decided not to smash you with it
just as you entered my page. Instead, you may enjoy this beautiful image of mine
drawn with some tools at hand. Nice, isn't it! Okay, if you really insist, well, just click
on the picture ... and here I come.
My phone number at KCL: 020 7848 2160 
Click here if you want to contact me. 


- Learn about science I have been doing

- Some notes and lectures

- Scientific software I have been developing

- Get a list of publications with some Postrscripts as well!

- My CV is here!

- This is a link to my family!

      My gallery: see some of my recent pictures