Seminar Talk

Brian Maher, 29th September 2014, 12:00-13:00 in Room S0.13.

The application of biological databases - An example with Pancreatic Expression Database.


The last few decades have seen the explosion of experimental and clinical data in the area of biological research. Eventually, the development of biological databases to store, analyse, mine and understand this massive amount of data has grown to be an essential stream of bioinformatics. This talk will provide an overview of the biological databases and move onto describe Pancreatic Expression Database (PED, – a generic web-based tool for mining of pancreatic cancer literature data. PED stores experimental data from pancreatic cancer studies comprising of >150 data sets and >250,000 expression/genomic measurements. PED also enables connections between other relevant biological databases and allows relatively simple navigation between all data types and annotations. ​