Formal Object-oriented Development

Springer-Verlag, Formal Approaches to Computing and Information Technology Series Editor: Professor S.A. Schuman

29 UK Pounds 436 pp. 66 figs. 03 tabs. Soft cover. ISBN 3-540-19978-0

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This volume provides a comprehensive introduction to formal object-oriented methods, a field which is currently attracting significant investment from major companies in Europe and the USA. It introduces the VDM++ and Z++ languages, and examines how structured diagrammatic and formal methods can be used together or separately within the object-oriented development process to produce better quality software. It provides guidelines on how and where formal methods should be introduced, and how they can be used in a selective manner for critical parts of an application. It is extensively illustrated with tutorial and self-assessment exercises, and also numerous examples drawn from industrial applications in the reactive system domain. Formal Object-oriented Development will be of interest to software engineering practitioners and consultants, academic and industrial researchers, and will also provide invaluable reading for students learning Z++ and VDM++.


A glossary, index and bibliography are provided.